Wadi al Mujeb

Wadi al Mujeb

Beyond the center of Madaba, where famous churches and mosaics can be found, lies another world, off the beaten track, that is waiting to be discovered. Composed of dramatic, sprawling terrain, the greater Madaba countryside is the ideal playground for the adventure-seeker whishing to explore Jordan's natural wonders. From refreshingly lush canyons cutting through the mountainside, to mystically arid mountains reminiscent of biblical times, and steep valleys with spectacular views, Madaba offers an array of scenery, nature and activities guaranteed to provide thrills and experiences that will become lasting, lifelong memories.

Madaba and nearby attractions, including the Wadi Mujeb Nature Reserve and Dead Sea, offer an array of hidden trails, wadis, canyons, waterfalls and mountains with activities and amenities to suite all ages and fitness levels. Whether traveling alone or with your family, Madaba is the perfect base from which to go mountain biking, hiking, canyoning, abseiling or camping. The area also provides opportunities to gain unique insights into the authentic culture and life of this fascinating land. Also a hiking tour to the dolmens can be arranged by Mariam hotel and a biking tour to the dolmens by terhaal eco adventure.

There are several specialized tour operators in Madaba who can arrange for you special adventure packages.


 Terhaal Eco Adventure

 Terhaal Eco Adventures are designed to meet expectations of a wide range of tastes and preferences; so long it is adventure and nature that you desire Canyoning, hiking, cycling, camping, scuba diving "in Aqaba" and Active holidays in Jordan.

Contact Details:

E-mail: team@terhaal.com 

Tel: +96265813061

Website: www.terhaal.com


The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature RSCN

The RSCN do organize a canyoning tours at the Wadi Mujeb out let of the Dead Sea area.

Contact Details:

 Tel: +962777422125  +962777422132

Website: www.rscn.org.jo



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