Taste of Madaba



Most famous wine of Jordan comes from Madaba. There are many Alcohol shops in Madaba where you can buy. Also the hotels and restaurants in Madaba do serve local wine. Travelers heading to the south of Jordan are recommended to take their alcohol drinks from Madaba, simply because there are no alcohol shops in Petra or Wadi Rum, only 5 star hotels in Petra do serve alcohols for very high prices.


Most popular fast food in town is falafel, it is usually served as a sandwich wrapped in pita bread with salad and Tihini sauce.

Great number of Falafel and Humus shops in Madaba, where many Madabian eat. For about 1.5 JD you can have tea with humus, bread and a sandwich of falafel.

 Another popular fast food in town is the Shawerma which is served in a toasted bread with salad, ask for the take away meal "Arabic shawerma" the cost of this meal is 1.5 JD.


The Arabic sweet shops have a large choice of it (Baklava, Kunafeh, Barasik, Warbat and many more). The prices per kilogram range between JD3-JD7.

  Fruits and Vegetables

All the year round fruits and vegetables are available for very low prices. You may ask the shop to prepare for you a fruits basket.


Modern and traditional clothes are in a wide range of choice. Modern western clothes shops at King Abdulah Street and the traditional clothes shops at King Talal Street. The prices are very reasonable. One sport shop next door of the main post office.


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