Madaba's Museum

Madaba's Museum


Madaba’s Museum as known in the guide books as “Al Twal House” is located down a small alley a few blocks south of St. George's Church its greatest attraction is a collection of mosaic collages, some of which are in excellent condition. It was established in traditional houses built on mosaic floors, and divided into two main units which together forms a complete unit, ‘The Archaeological Museum’ and ‘The Folk Museum’.


The museum was established in 1978 and contains:


Archaeological Museum:  This part of the house is a floor- designed by mosaic shapes with photos of two Peacocks and two Rams infront of a pot with a base which has two vine branches with leaves grew from it. Also a classic mythological scene shows a Bajosh female dancer wearing a transparent dress beating her anklets and a picture of Sateros naked holding a small stick with his right hand.


 A mosaic portrait inside a (3.58m * 5.37m) room designed by a square drawing with four shrubbery setting out from the angles, its branches contact a circle in the centre with a human shape, two rams, two rabbits, two ducks, a lion and a bull inside, with herbs infront of them.


The Folk Museum: consists of two halls which contains some accessories, gold and silver jewelry, old and folkloric male and female costumes that shows the tradition of Madaba and some cities near, also you can see some historical tools and handworks from the daily life of Madabian heritage and other cities from Jordan.


The museum houses collections of pottery and glassware dating back to Hellenistic times, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic periods, and one of the most important monuments in the museum a collection of pottery, bronze and Islamic found in one room of Om al Waleed palace, that has been restored and maintained at the Institute of Restoration in Geneva, and is now displayed in Madaba’s Museum.

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