Madaba Archaeological Park

Hippolytus Hall


        The Archaeological Park encompasses the remains of several Byzantine churches, including the fantastic mosaics of the Church of the Virgin and the Hippolytus Hall. Several buildings adjacent to the complex are housing a school for the restoration and conservation of ancient mosaics.


Church of the Virgin


The first to be discovered in Madaba, this beautiful mosaic was uncovered in 1887, in what was then a private home. Inscriptions, which are part of the mosaic, identify the church as that of the Virgin Mary. It was built in the sixth century on top of a Roman temple – the flower blossoms and buds around the edge of the mosaic date from that time. The elaborate geometric area with its central medallion is a later renovation from the Umayyad period, and is dated 767 AD.


The medallion inscription reads: “if you want to look at Mary, virginal mother of God, and to Christ whom she generated, Universal King, only Son of the only God, purify ]your[ mind, flesh and works! May you purify with ]your[ prayer the people of God”.


Hippolytus Hall


The vestibule of the Church of the Virgin was built above the hall of an early 6th century Madaba mansion. A border of acanthus scrolls containing hunting and pastoral scenes features the four seasons in the corners.


 Martyrs Church


This church dates to the 6th century and features a mosaic floor, which although damaged by the iconoclasts, is still largely legible. The basilica incorporates a number of columns, capitals and bases, which were re-used from a previous Roman structure.


Burnt Palace


Recent excavations have revealed portions of several mosaics, which decorated the floors of a large residence that was abandoned after it had burnt down in the Byzantine era. The mosaic in the hall consists of a grid filled with trees, flowers, birds, fish and animals.









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