The Dolmens

The Dolmens


The Dolmen of Wadi Jideid in al Fayhaa; which is located 10 kilometers away from the city center of Madaba, is one of the most impressive in Jordan. The principal dolmen field is on the slope from the Masloubiyeh side, where Conder’s Team measured and examined not less than 162 dolmens dated back to 5500 years old (early Bronze Age).

 The dolmens are often arranged in small groups, with alignments of small standing stones connecting them. Under the floor slab a first burial may have taken place, with use of the floor slab above for sacrificial purpose.

 The field is exposed to the urban crawl and road paving which will cause a destruction and demolition of the dolmens. There for, our proposal for the protection of this site is to establish a trail and raise public awareness, for the field, and build a visitor center includes, a gift shop, show room, eco-friendly kitchen supported by local community which serves simple pastries with herbal drinks and tea.

 Signage system for the location will be set up starting from the main roads in Madaba leading to the site, as for the marketing campaign to introduce the site for the tour operators and travel agencies. We had managed to attract tourists staying in Madaba to visit the site. Last year we had 2000 visitors from Europe and USA. We even managed to add it to the famous and widely used guide books such like Lonely Planet.



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