About MTA

MTA is a voluntary Not-for-Profit Membership-based organization established in 2006 to promote tourism and economic growth in the city. and firmly sees itself as a strong contributor to the implementation of the country’s  National Tourism Strategy (NTS).


Our Vision

The vision of the Madaba Tourism Development & Heritage Preservation Association is for the Madaba area to become a primary tourism destination in Jordan by offering visitors a wide range of attractive and well-developed specialty tourism opportunities in cultural heritage, religious, and adventures attractions.


Our Mission

The mission of the Madaba Tourism Development & Heritage Preservation Association is to collaborate with, and mobilize the local business community & the public sector to develop and enhance Madaba's tourism assets into unique, comprehensive, and attractive value offerings.


Strategic Objectives

Our objectives are basically membership development where we help our members in enhancing their businesses  and expanding if needed using our portfolio of services such as training. We also focus on Public Policy Advocacy service whereby we tackle any issues that our members feel its an obstacle to doing business and we represent their interest.

We also would want to work with partners and stakeholders to enhance the business environment in the city and cooperate with other entities private and public to attract more investors to the city.

Tourism Product Development, a key pillar of the Madaba Tourism Strategy, will help facilitate the flow of international and local tourists through a combination of tourism-focused products and services to be implemented by the business community and all partners of the strategy under the leadership of the association.

MTA is an example of how effective a partnership can be for the tourism industry , the local community and the economy of Jordan. Its an example of how best Public – Private – Partnerships can be put in practice to success . We believe that the only way to achieve our vision is to work with all stakeholders in the local community and business owners , after all economic prosperity is when everybody participate in the action and share the return and the benefits.

I want to thank all our members and partners for their support in advertising   their businesses in the magazine on our web site, and also want to thank my colleagues , the Board Members of MTA , for all their support in making the Vision of this Magazine become a reality.

I wish you all the best and an enjoyable stay in Madaba and please call us in case you have any suggestions and experiences you need to share.


Thank you for choosing Visit Madaba as a guide.


Charl Al Twal

Chairman of The Board of Directors,

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