Haret Jdoudna Restaurant
  In the very heart and soul of Madaba, a magical 20th century house was created next to the famed church that houses the legendary mosaic map...
Adonis Restaurant
Welcome to the world of Adonis Restaurant and Café, the restaurant is originally an old (ancient) house that is one of the first built houses in...
Bawwabet Madaba Restaurant
The restaurant was an idea in the mind of a madabian Family in 2006 to add another source of relaxation to their lovely town, so an old house was...
Dana Restaurant
The atmosphere is pleasant, located not far from the Church of Apostles, the owners recommend Sajieh, lamp meat, cooked on wood fire with onions and...
Jnaien Madaba Restaurant
The restaurant was established in June 2011 in Madaba governorate, consisting of indoor dining hall with a capacity of 300 persons, outdoor terrace...
Jasmine Cafe
A very welcoming Cafe that offers you various food styles with the best services which makes you feel like home.  We serve Soft drinks,...
Queen Ayola Restaurant
We have a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere which is overlooking shops and daily life. We are located less than 100 meters away from the church of...
Darna Restaurant
With the skill of an artisan, the heat of the oven and a few fine ingredients, Darna makes local pastries that is simply delicious and baked fresh in...
Ayola Cafe
This is a charming, relaxed place that caters both tourists and locals. It serves delicious toasted sandwiches all type of coffee, tea and cans of...
Al Raha Beach 1.jpg
Popular Restaurant Serves Falafel, Arabic Sharwerma Snacks, CharcoalGrills, food snacks , Mansaf, Kabsa, Maqlouba , all brand of juice, big hall for...

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